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Facial Services

All Spa Facials are $85


The Replenishing Facial (50 min)          

A deeply nourishing and hydrating treatment. The skin is infused with vitamin-enriched hydration and blanketed with vital ceramides, restoring water content in skin and strengthening the moisture barrier.  The skin is plumper, reinforced, and better able to defend against environmental stressors.  This facial is good for all skin types.


The Luminous Facial (50 min)              

Oh, that glow though!  The skin is refreshed and revitalized in this facial.  Gentle exfoliation removes the dulling effects of debris on the face before delivering an arsenal of skin brighteners and powerful antioxidants.  The final result is the most luminous complexion.  This facial is good for normal, dry, oily, and combination skin types that experience dullness and/or uneven tone.


The Resplendent Facial (50 min)         

An effective refining and renewing facial. Using a combination of mechanical and chemical exfoliation, the skin’s texture is transformed into a smooth and soft canvas.  The skin is then fed a nourishing blend of vitamins and minerals to help replenish and protect it.  This facial is good for normal, dry, oily, and combination skin types that experience a rough and uneven texture and tone.


The Immaculate Facial (50 min)          

The focus is clarity.  This facial is designed to detoxify the skin and to deep clean the pores.  The treatment consists of a deep cleanse followed by a proprietary clay-blend mask that withdraws impurities from deep within the pore.  Afterwards, the skin will be nourished to enhance complexion and to strengthen it.  This facial is good for normal, oily, and combination skin types that are acneic and/or congested.


The Purge (50 min)                         

Deep pore cleanse consisting of a double cleanse followed by meticulous manual extractions of debris inside the pore. This facial is good for any face type experiencing moderate to severe congestion.

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